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Foremost is to have a pure heart and then pursuit of wisdom. Education is not just a way of imparting knowledge for professional career making but whichcreates an understanding of moral ,ethical and social values to illuminate one’s life in a right path.
NO GAINS WITHOUT PAINS. Meticulous effort in a well-managed time schedule will enableyou to systemise your learning pattern. You have to come out of your comfort zone. At start itwill require effort (force) as is evident from Newtons first law but with a period of time it willbecome a part of the habit and become easy. Introspect yourselves, have some time to thinkand meditate your own life. Don’t simply follow others. Every individual is unique. Somethingwhich is good for your friend may not be so for you. You have your own circumstances, yourown capabilities, your personal strengths and weaknesses. Follow a rigorous routine withsubstantial time rendered on reading standard texts and recapitulating the same on a regulartime interval for better retention of what you have learnt.
Choose your reading materials judiciously. Great materials put you in the proximal zone. Theyare well structured and standalone. Indeed, even in these days and age, traditionally publishedtextbooks like NCERT books remain one of the better ways to learn more.
Obviously, I can’t dwell on all the aspects here but one thing I would definitely mention is to takeutmost care of your health.
A healthy mind is only found in a healthy body. Please take onlyfresh homely food (as far as possible) with lots of intake of pure water. Play regularly in openfields at least for an hour if not more. Have sound sleep about seven hours. Avoid waking up tilllate at night. Remember early to bed and early to rise makes one healthy, wealthy and wise.Lastly restrict Social Networking to a bare minimum.

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